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For Sale

                                For Sale    

We are selling our homemade soaps for $5.00 each plus shipping. Washcloth (reusable, with opening) with your choice of a bar of  soap $10.00 each plus shipping.



Felted Wool Scarf these are already sold but if you are interested we can make another "close" to these.  As these are homemade by hand each one is different.  You can request the color.



Felted Purses and Hats


 We can make purses any color and most sizes you request.  Notice the strap is also wool.










We will have update the breeding page shortly.  If you would like to reserve a kid please email us at jones5starranch(at)  Please change the at to @ when emailing Thanks! Or you can call us at 812-699-eight560.  Leave us a message cause we are probably out with the goats and sheep when you call!


 Nigerian Dwarfs For Sale

Bucklings $125.00 without papers.  Doelings $150.00 without papers.

More details soon

Shetland Sheep or Boer Goats For Sale

We will have ram lambs available or lamb or goat meat.  More details soon!

 email for more information or call 812-699-eight560







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