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  Herb's Woodworking

Herb's Woodworking Page

Herb has finally decided to share his awesome creations with the world. His family has known for a very long, long. real long time what a remarkable carpenter and woodworker he is. Herb has been a carpenter all his life. He followed his father learning the trade when he was younger. And as an adult they worked side by side. Of course his Dad would be watching him and saying, "Boy you need to do it like this". He learned a great deal from his father.

Herb will be offering items that he has completely handcrafted such as cedar chests, hope chest, mitten boxes, sweater boxes, tables, clocks, shelves, curio cabinets, corner cabinets, and the list goes on and on. I will get pics up as soon as possible.   

 Herb has found that he truly enjoys making unique children's toys or family treasures like baby cradles that can be handed down from generation to generation. Besides designing and building the cradles he is making doll beds that accommodate either Barbie or American Girl. He has even designed a doll cradle for the American Girl babies. Reba and I both have said we wish we had these when we were little. Of course I told her that shouldn't stop us. And so we are creating all the linens and mattress pads for these. And are having a ball doing so!


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